“If You Don’t Use a Proven Lottery / Lotto System or Strategy, Stop Playing IMMEDIATELY!”

“You Wouldn’t Invest in a Stock without Researching it first, So why do the same with the Lottery?”

This is without doubt the most powerful half of the formula. It lays the foundations for what’s to follow. Without it, the rest of the formula is useless! So here it is -

“You need a System to Select the Right Composition of, and Cover the Whole
Pool of Numbers.”

The 2 key points are:

  1. Pool of numbers - Lets start with the most simple point. You must play enough lines to cover the whole pool of numbers, so you’re:

    • Guaranteed to Have the Winning Numbers: Now you have them every time you play. The only skill or luck involved, is having them all on the same line; which we cover in the next key point.

    • Won’t Share the Jackpot: There's nothing is worse then winning the jackpot and having to split it with other people. It suddenly becomes miniscule, and you don’t want that!
    • There is only one easy way to combat this; make sure your lines includes at least one of the unpopular numbers, specifically numbers 32 to 49. Most people use lucky numbers like birthdays; so 1 to 31 are heavily played.

      You are now playing unique lines that no one else is. Therefore when you win, you don’t share the jackpot and you keep it all yourself!

      So, the next time the jackpot isn’t won, see if or how many of these numbers it includes?

  2. Composition of Numbers - Breaking the pool of numbers into the following areas:
  • Odd and Even
  • High and Low
  • Consecutive
  • Using a pick 6 from 49 game; there are 13,983,816 winning line combinations you can play. Without getting caught up in the boring maths; if you play the wrong mix of the above, you could be limiting yourself to only 528,939 lines that have the same composition of numbers as yours.

    This means that in only 3 to 4 draws out of 100, can you expect to have any chance of winning the jackpot or a big smaller prize, that’s a scary thought.

    But, if you change your mix, you can have a chance to win in over 85 of 100 draws, still playing the same amount of lines and costing you the same amount of money!

So how do you use all of this maths to your advantage, and put into practice for yourself?

Knowing the above info from all the research I did, I came across a system that I still use today.

I initially looked for a free lottery system, but after an extensive search I only found one that covered everything I just talked about. It was reasonably priced, but I was still sceptical, having no real experience of buying things online.

I saw it had a 100% money back guarantee, so decided to try it for 8 weeks and if I didn't win more money by playing their way, I would just get my money back!

Which I never needed to!

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