“Now You Know Half of the Lottery Formula. Are You Ready to Combine it with the Second Half, to
See the Amazing Results?”

“This Half of the Lottery Formula is so Easy, You’ll be Kicking Yourself for Never Applying it Properly Before!”

Lets cut right to it, the second half of my powerful lottery formula is:

“How Best to Play Your Chosen Numbers”

Again I have broken this down into 2 key points; but this time you get to decide which is right for you.

Both have there advantages and disadvantages. Once you pick your numbers using the first half of the formula, and you follow my suggestions below; either way will give you amazing results!

  1. Individual Players: This is the most common way to play, but still nearly everyone does it wrong. See my free report for full details of the amazingly easy steps you need to take right now.

  2. Syndicates: Nearly all experts will tell you this is the best way to play, as you get a share of all those extra lines, while having to do less work!
  3. I’ve found it all depends on how well they’re set up and managed. As with everything, the more people involved in making the decisions, the less effective they become.

    The Disadvantages of playing in a syndicate are:

    • How the Numbers are Picked: As we saw in the first half, this is key. If this is done wrong, it will destroy all the benefits of playing in this way.
    • Number of People: If you have too many people sharing the winnings, they become so small, it’s not worth playing anymore.
    • Disagreements or Theft: A member of the syndicate may steal the winnings, or disagreements may tear the syndicate apart.

    The Advantages of playing in a syndicate are:

    • Leverage: 1 in 4 jackpots are won by syndicates, getting a share of all the extra lines will win you more.
    • Less Work: More people to divide the work between.
    • Fun: Doing one with work colleagues, family or friends; gives it a fun social aspect.
    • Getting Rich: This is the main aim; getting rich yourself is great, but doing it with work colleagues, family or friends, changes their lives too!

So, compared to playing individually, where you can control everything yourself, syndicates are a mixed bag.

I would only advise you to play in one that’s set up and run properly. However, finding one like that is nearly impossible, so in most cases you are better playing yourself.

For all of you that live outside the USA, I did find a great way to use the above information:

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